Order and delivery conditions

Order and delivery terms of the Solar online store

General information about the online store The Solar online store is Solar Kaihdin Ky’s (Business ID 1934274-8) online store. We sell products to private persons and companies. We deliver the online store’s products within Finland. Prices are not inclusive of VAT at 24%. Prices in the Solar online store are indicated in euros (€). Delivery costs are added according to the valid price list. We reserve the right to change prices. Ordering Orders are placed via Solar Kaihdin Ky’s online store at www.solar.fi. When ordering, the customer always agrees to the valid terms of delivery. Order confirmation When the order has been placed, the order confirmation is automatically sent by email. Payment The products and delivery charges are paid when placing the order. Payment service provider The payment service provider is Paytrail Oyj (Business ID: 2122839-7), in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. On the bank statement or credit card bill, Paytrail Oyj is shown as the payee. Paytrail Oyj then transfers the payment to the seller. Paytrail Oyj is an authorised payment institution. In complaints, we request that you primarily contact the product supplier. Paytrail Oyj, Business ID: 2122839-7 Innova 2 Lutakonaukio 7 40100 Jyväskylä Tel: +358 (0)207 181830 www.paytrail.com Delivery time The delivery time for standard products is five working days. A standard product is a product in our permanent selection manufactured in a storage colour, within the measure limits and of a rectangular or square shape. If the product has a special colour or model, or exceeds the standard measures, we will indicate the delivery time when the order is placed. Only storage colours can be selected in the online store. The delivery time of standard products, five working days, does not include transportation. We reserve the right to possible delays in delivery. Delivery method and delivery costs Delivery costs will be added according to the valid price list and the weight of the shipment. The products will be delivered by Matkahuolto. The order is delivered to the Matkahuolto service point, pick-up point or parcel kiosk indicated by the customer. Small and regular parcels under 2 m are delivered to Matkahuolto’s pick-up point or a parcel kiosk. Large and non-standard parcels of more than 2 m are delivered to Matkahuolto’s pick-up point. Receipt of delivery Prior to acknowledging receipt, packages must be inspected for transport damage. If the package is damaged, the state of the products in the package must be inspected. If the products are damaged, a note concerning the damage must be indicated by Matkahuolto on the waybill. Transport damage must be notified to solar@solar.fi without delay. Exchange and return conditions With the exception of spare parts, our products are always custom made. Custom-made products are not covered by exchange and return rights. After the order confirmation has been sent, orders for custom-made products are not covered by the right to cancellation. The product may only be returned in the case of a defect, where the product didn’t correspond to the order, or the product does not meet the quality requirements defined by Solar Kaihdin Ky. For spare parts separately ordered from the Solar online store, the consumer has the right to cancel the agreement within 14 days of receiving the product. The right to return only applies to unused products that can be resold. Solar Kaihdin Ky does not reimburse the cost of returning spare parts. Complaints Solar Kaihdin Ky must be notified about complaints without delay to solar@solar.fi. Warranty Custom-made SOLAR standard products have a five-year warranty. When ordering, the customer must read the valid delivery and warranty conditions. Separately ordered spare parts are not covered by warranty. Other We reserve the right to change our delivery terms. When ordering, the customer must read the valid delivery conditions. Special products Special products have a longer delivery time than standard products and cannot be ordered via the online store. A quote for special products must always be requested separately. Special products are products of a special colour, deviate from the measure limits or have a special model. Products with a special model are all other models with the exception of rectangular and square products. Product sizing and manufacturing dimensions The requested measures must always be product-specifically indicated in the online store. The measure indicated can be the measure of the opening or the manufacturing measure. When ordering, the measure indicated is written under the measure field for the products in our online store. The measure of the opening may differ from the manufacturing measure. To obtain the product’s manufacturing measures, we calculate the necessary subtractions or additions to the measures of the opening. Dispute settlement If the buyer’s complaint does not lead to a settlement of the dispute, the buyer can contact the consumer adviser in his or her own municipality, who can clarify and mediate in the matter on behalf of the consumer. A consumer as defined in the Consumer Protection Act may dispute a defect of the product or the warranty conditions through the Consumer Disputes Board. If the dispute is taken to court, it will be heard in the district court of the consumer’s domicile.

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