Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions

Solar Kaihdin Oy
| Lankilantie 46
| 85100 Kalajoki, FINLAND
|Tel. +358 10 501 4450

Scope and coverage of the warranty
The warranty is issued for the following products manufactured by Solar Kaihdin Oy:
– SOLAR blinds
– SOLAR sandy insect screens
– SOLAR candy separate grids
– SOLAR bandy frame grids
– SOLAR insect screen doors
– SOLAR PLISEE pleated blinds
– SOLAR DUETTE pleated blinds

The warranty does not cover damage caused by the installation or transport of the products. The warranty only covers blinds used indoors – use on balconies and patios is not regarded as indoor use. The warranty is valid in Finland.

Warranty period
The warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of the product’s delivery.

Warranty content
The guarantor is responsible for ensuring that the usability and quality of the goods remain normal during the warranty period. Otherwise, there is a defect in the product. Defects are considered to be issues such as manufacturing and structural defects, and other defects and deficiencies that impair the usability of the goods during the warranty period. However, the guarantor is not liable for a defect if he or she can arguably show that the deviation from the normal quality or usability of the goods is due to a reason on the part of the buyer. The cause may be an accident, handling contrary to the instructions for use or care given to the buyer, or other improper handling of the goods. The guarantor is not liable for defects caused by external causes, such as damage by animals or freezing.

Procedure in the event of an error
The buyer must notify the guarantor or seller of the defect within a reasonable time after he or she has discovered the defect or should have discovered it. However, the error can always be reported within two months of the actual discovery of the error by the buyer. When reporting a defect, the buyer must present a warranty certificate, purchase receipt or other reliable explanation of where and when the goods were purchased. However, such a statement is not required if the place and time of purchase are indicated in the register kept by the seller or guarantor.

Obligation of the guarantor to correct the defect or replace the product with one without defects
The guarantor shall correct the defect or deliver the product free from defects within a reasonable time after the buyer reported the defect. Correction of the defect must not cause any cost or material inconvenience to the buyer. Unless special professional skills are required, the guarantor fulfils its obligations by sending the buyer a repaired or new part. The guarantor may instruct the buyer on how to act in the event of a defect to ensure that, for example, the goods are delivered for repair in an appropriate and cost-saving manner.

Failure to repair or replace
If it is not possible to correct the defect or to deliver the product free from defects, the buyer may request a price reduction corresponding to the defect or cancel the sale unless the defect is minor. The same shall apply if the guarantor fails to make the adjustment within a reasonable time and without material inconvenience to the buyer.

The buyer is entitled to compensation for the damage he or she suffers as a result of a defect to the product. Compensable damages are direct damages caused by errors pertaining to e.g. travel, telephone, postage and other expenses incurred by the buyer in resolving the matter. Indirect damages are the responsibility of the guarantor only if the defect or damage is due to negligence on its part, or if the goods at the time of the transaction differed from what the guarantor had specifically undertaken.

The warranty does not limit statutory liability for errors
The buyer has rights under Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act that are not limited by the warranty. The buyer may invoke the statutory liability of the seller and the previous stage of sale for defects, for example, if the defect occurs in a part of the goods that is excluded from the warranty, or if the defect is not discovered until after the warranty period ends. If the defect occurs within six months of the delivery of the goods, the defect is presumed to have been in the goods at the time of delivery. The seller is responsible for the defect if he or she does not prove that the goods were defective at the time of delivery or if, for example, it is not the result of normal wear and tear, an accident or improper handling.

Dispute settlement
If the buyer’s complaint does not lead to a settlement of the dispute, the buyer can contact the consumer adviser in his or her own municipality, who can clarify and mediate in the matter on behalf of the consumer. A consumer as defined in the Consumer Protection Act may dispute a defect of the product or the warranty conditions through the Consumer Disputes Board. If the dispute is taken to court, it will be heard in the district court of the consumer’s domicile.

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