Solar Kaihdin Ky

Solar Kaihdin Ky was founded in 1988 (Kalajoen Kaihdin Oy). We manufacture blinds, separate grids, insect screens for windows and doors, as well as the Plisee and Duette pleated blinds, mainly for the manufacturing industry and retailers. Solar Kaihdin Ky’s modern production premises are located in Kalajoki. We value domestic work – all our products are manufactured in Finland. Our products have been awarded the Key Flag symbol. Our strengths include high-quality products, smooth cooperation, reliability and security of supply. We always deliver the products on the date agreed with the customer. Continuing development is a corner stone of our operations. By developing our operations, we create an efficient, safe and functioning work environment. The LEAN model is an integral part of our production and important for our development. Through continuous development we keep our production controlled and efficient. With the help of modern production and a production control system, as well as a quality system, Solar Kaihdin Ky offers you trustworthy, flexible and fast service. Thanks to continuing development, we meet the requirements of the changing demands. We support our staff in learning new things and coming up with new ideas. Versatile development of our staff’s competence is a core value for us. The well-being of our staff is important, and we support our staff in investing in it. We offer staff benefits for exercise and wellness services. We maintain a positive environment by organising theme days on well-being at work, monthly reviews of the situation, and a weekly meeting with snacks offered by Solar, among other things. At Solar, we value nature and the environment. SOLAR – love the sun. In the autumn of 2018, 220 solar panels were installed at Solar. Solar power covers approx. 20% of Solar Kaihdin Ky’s electricity consumption. We wish you sunny days! We recycle the waste generated by the production process. We recycle metals, and waste cardboard and packaging cardboard. Solar cooperates with its customers in recycling packaging cardboard – our customers return the packaging cardboard to us, and we reuse it. The same packaging cardboard can be reused up to seven times!

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