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  • Mittausohje
    118-2500 mm.
    60-2500 mm.

SOLAR handy SWEET blind integrated naturally with the window. The mechanism is hidden behind the window frame, the blind is adjusted by knobs installed on the surface of the frame. SOLAR handy SWEET is childsafe and easy to install. The blind is opened and closed by twisting the knob. The blinds are available in several colours. In an operational test, SOLAR handy SWEET was found very durable and also has the only airtight operating instrument on the market.

The housings are manufactured in profiled steel, their colour matching the colour of the blind. Stove-enamelled aluminium blind. Cords of polyester weave, blade colours. Other technical specifications and safety instructions are available here.  Blind measures

  • minimum width 118 mm
  • maximum width 2,500 mm
  • minimum height 60 mm
  • maximum height 2,500 mm

Price impact of blade colours

  • 0159 Cream/basic price
  • 7010 Silver/10% price addition
  • Speciality colours/30% price addition
    • 0150 White
    • 4860 Dark grey
    • 1858 Black
    • 4896 Light brown
    • 0952 Light grey
    • 4459 Beige
    • 7120 Gold
    • 4851 Dark brown
  • Perforated/50% price addition
    • P7010 Perforated silver
    • P1858 Perforated black
    • P0150 Perforated white
  • Imitation wood/80 % price addition
    • 0382 Light
    • 0395 Dark

Colour alternatives for surface parts

  • White
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark grey
  • Light grey
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1 review for SOLAR handy SWEET

  1. Rakhim D. (verified owner)

    Good and pretty simple. The mechanism works well. The installation was easy, but the instructions could be a little clearer. The part that holds the blind at the top of the frame was plastic, and I was worried it might break easily, especially when putting it into the blind with a loud “click”, but it did not break. I’d still prefer if it was metal. The knob which is used to hold the string (when blinds are rolled up) is perhaps too small for the job, but it works.

    Even though this product is not perfect, it is good enough, and I will order two more for another room.

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