StrainRise BB10


SOLAR PLISEE and DUETTE are technical blinds that are installed on the surface of the glass. Pleated blinds are impressive and beautiful design elements that can be used in place of traditional curtains. Thanks to their technical features, the curtains equalise the temperature and improve the acoustics. The range includes both translucent and blackout fabrics. StrainRise BB10 is a pleated blind operated by a handle. The curtain can be left in the desired position without separate locking. The BB10 model also suits patios and balconies. This mechanism can be used both with DUETTE and coated PLISEE fabrics.

Energy-efficient honeycomb fabric in 100% polyester. The wires are available in white, silver and black. Aluminium wires. Wire width 20 mm. Width of DUETTE fabric 25 mm. Other technical specifications and safety instructions are available here.  Pleated blind measures

  • minimum width 150 mm
  • maximum width 1500 mm
  • minimum height 100 mm
  • maximum height 2,500 mm (with the Batiste fabric, 2,300 mm)
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